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Top 10 Animal-Related Solutionary Stories

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Some of my favorite nonfiction picture books that inspire kids to help animals!

Well, picking only 10 is always hard, but here are some of my favorites...

Best Nonfiction Picture Books About Helping Animals

In no particular order:

  1. Step Right Up: How Do and Jim Key Taught the World About Kindness written by Donna Janell Bowman & illustrated by Daniel Minter

  2. The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life With Chimps written & illustrated by Jeanette Winter

  3. A Boy and a Jaguar written by Alan Rabinowitz & illustrated by Cátia Chien

  4. Swimming With Sharks: The Daring Discoveries of Eugenie Lang written by Heather Lang & illustrated by Jordi Solano (Also Shark Lady written & illustrated by Jess Keating!)

  5. Senna Helps The Sea Lions (and You Can, Too!) written & illustrated by Meeg Pincus (Yes, it's my book, but it does explain the concept of solutionaries, a great intro for sharing solutionary stories!)

  6. Jasper's Story: Saving Moon Bears written by Jill Robinson & Mark Bekoff & illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen

  7. Beauty and the Beak: How Science, Technology and a 3-D Printed Beak Rescued a Bald Eagle by Deborah Lee Rose & Jane Veltkamp

  8. Humphrey the Lost Whale: A True Story written by Wendy Tokuda & illlustrated by Hanako Wakiyama

  9. Summer Birds: The Butterflies of Maria Merian written by Margarita Engle & illustrated by Julie Paschkis

  10. Abe Lincoln Loved Animals written by Ellen Jackson & illustrated by Doris Ettlinger (This one's out of print, but worth finding a used copy!)

  11. The Wolves are Back written by Jean Craighead George & illustrated by Wendell Minor (See also The Eagles are Back and The Buffalo are Back by this team!)

  12. Joan Proctor, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles written by Patricia Valdez & illustrated by Felicita Sala

I'm sure I've forgotten some (or haven't found others)! Please contact me to share more of your favorites so I can check them out!

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