The Solutionary Stories Program

Using Read-Aloud Time for Character/Humane Education
Free for educators to download!

My life as a children's author stemmed from my work as a humane educator, going into elementary schools to teach kids about being "solutionaries" who help people, animals & the planet. I started bringing picture book biographies to read with the students at the end of each lesson, and I called them "Solutionary Stories." The kids ate them up! 

From there, I created a simple program any K-4 educator can use. It's called Solutionary Stories and the goal is to use read-aloud time for character/humane education. It also incorporates high-quality nonfiction books into the school day, as required by Common Core and many state standards. It's simple to implement and rich in rewards.

Below are the two pieces of the program, free for you to download: the Teacher's Guide and the Coloring Book.


  • The Teacher's Guide takes you step-by-step through how to implement the program yourself, including 40 recommended picture book biographies (Solutionary Stories) to choose from.


  • For the Coloring Book, I recommend printing it out on recycled paper and attaching it with stapes or hole punches/brads, one for each student.


Both files are free for you to download and copy as needed for educational purposes. Please do note that I've copyrighted this program, though I am happy for you to use it in your classroom, library, or homeschool.

Download both PDF files by clicking on them below: