About Meeg

Hello & Welcome!


I’m Meeg Pincus. Kidlit nonfiction author. Humane educator. Book editor. Library lover. The happily book nerdy list goes on.


I have a lifelong passion for nonfiction books. Reading them, writing them, editing them. I’ve been writing & editing nonfiction in some form or another for over 25 years—and I still love it. (Learn more about my writing/editing background—and my much longer, full name—here.)


I’m also passionate about education & making our world a kinder, healthier place. This led me to the field of humane education: teaching people to be “solutionaries”—problem-solvers who help people, animals & the planet.


Nowadays I write “Solutionary Stories” for elementary-age children—nonfiction & informational books that inspire kids to make a difference.


I'm a former newspaper journalist & scholar-in-training (four years of graduate school in cultural studies/communication—focusing on race/class/gender—at UW-Madison & UC-San Diego). So I have a background in, and love for, research that means I dive deep & attempt to be incredibly accurate in every topic I write about.

And I'm grateful to have a diverse family (with a mix of religions, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and abilities), so I've always incorporated diversity of many kinds into my writing. For me, part of being a solutionary is focusing first on compassion for all beings, and giving voice to those who are marginalized.

I'm active in SCBWI (San Diego chapter) and have participated in the Highlights Foundation Nonfiction Master Class, nonfiction workshops with the Writing Barn (where I now teach as well!), 12x12, and more, to always keep improving my craft. I'm also the co-founder of 20truePBs and 19PBbios, promo groups of top-quality, diverse, nonfiction picture books of 2019 and 2020.


And I have a great agent, Jenna Pocius of Red Fox Literary.

Along with being a writer/editor/humane educator, I'm also lots of other things, such as...

  • A homeschooling mom of two kind, curious children. (Them being kind is what I'm most proud of—though curious is a close second. And, yes, we've been homeschoolers since before the pandemic, which means our homeschooling has included a lot of classes, activities & socializing.)

  • An artist. (I spend my free time doing artsy things like creating clay figure sculptures, decoupaging journals, and singing in a 9-woman acoustic group.)

  • A book hoarder. (I have a bookshelf in every room of my house. I always have a stack of about six books I'm reading. And about ten on hold at the library.) 

  • A plant-powered chef. (Well, not really a chef—but I do feed my family all plant-powered foods. And I make a mean vegan brownie & choco-berry green smoothie! Can you tell I also love chocolate?)

  • A bird lady. (My daughter talked me into adopting parakeets and I fell in love. We also love to spot wild birds & hold exotic birds at a local sanctuary.)

  • A perennial student. (I love learning! I'm always taking writing classes. I completed two humane education training programs, and even a science-heavy Plant-Based Nutrition program through Cornell University.)

  • A Broadway musical buff. (My whole family can bust out lyrics from Hamilton, Wicked, Newsies or Into The Woods—just ask us. Really...ask us!)

  • A wife of an award-winning, math-rappin' teacher. (He trains teachers around the country, he writes books, too, and he raps & teaches about the times tables here.)

  • A Southern Californian. (I love playing with my family at our local beach, and scanning the waves for dolphins and sea lions. I squeal every single time I spot one. Every. single. time.)

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