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Door by Door

How Sarah McBride Became America's First

Openly Transgender Senator

(Penguin Random House/Crown Books for Young Readers)

A nonfiction picture book about Delaware State Senator Sarah McBride, who dreamed of making a difference as a kid and grew up to become the highest-ranking openly transgender political official in America.

As a kid, Sarah McBride dreamed of running for office so she could help people in her community. When her friends asked for bicycles for Christmas, Sarah asked for a podium. Her friends and family encouraged her to follow this path, but there was one problem: they saw Sarah as a boy, and Sarah knew she was a girl. Every night, she’d replay the day in her head, watching how it would have played out if she was able to live as the girl she knew herself to be.

In college, she finally came out as Sarah, and in 2020 she won her election to become a Delaware State Senator, making her the highest-ranking trans political official in the country and a hero to kids everywhere who want to live their dreams and be themselves!


"A special book that will mean a lot to its audience." -- Booklist, STARRED REVIEW


"This is a fantastic, interesting and fun-to-read modern story." -- Youth Services Book Review (Massachusetts Librarians), STARRED REVIEW

"[A] heartwarming biography." -- School Library Journal


"A heartfelt biography that will encourage readers to live their truths." -- Kirkus



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* And a read-aloud!

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The book includes a powerful letter to readers from Senator Sarah McBride!
Senator Sarah McBride, a young white woman with brown hair, wearing glasses and a dress, standing in front of the Delaware Capitol door, holding the picture book DOOR BY DOOR
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