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Make Way for Animals Book Cover

Make Way for Animals!

A World of Wildlife Crossings

(Millbrook Press/Lerner Books, 2022)

Around the world, city highways and country roads have cut through natural spaces. Wild animals are blocked from the resources they need to survive, or must make dangerous crossings across busy roads to get to them. Fortunately, solving this problem has inspired some creative solutions!


Take a tour of wildlife crossings across the globe, from grassy badger bridges to underpasses for elephants. Discover how these inventive pathways have saved both animal and human lives and helped preserve ecosystems.

Available from any bookseller but I'd love it if you'd:

* School Library Journal Starred Review *

"Everything readers need to know about wildlife crossings—what they are, why they are needed, who makes them happen—in a book all libraries should own."

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