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Ocean Soup Book Cover

Ocean Soup 

A Recipe for You, Me, and a Cleaner Sea

(Sleeping Bear Press, 2021)

From the shore, the ocean looks like clear, sparkling blue but look closely at a small scoop and you'll find the ocean looks more like soup! Our oceans are filled with plastics, from water bottles and take-out containers to the teeny tiny plastic particles you need a microscope to see. But who exactly cooked up this stinky soup? And, more importantly, what is the recipe for getting (and keeping) our oceans clean?


This bouncing, rhyming story pulls no punches about how we ended up in this sticky mess but also offers hope and help for cleaning up this ocean soup.

Available from any bookseller but I'd love it if you'd:

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* Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award Winner *

* Eureka! Nonfiction Award Honor Winner 

* Green Earth Book Award Honor Winner 

"[A] charming call to action" - Publisher's Weekly 

"It isn't easy to write an interesting story about ocean pollution that will engage children and get them to want to help in the clean up effort, but author Meeg Pincus does just that" - Feathered Quill

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