For Educators

Teaching Tools

For specific books:

Here is a Teaching Guide for Miep and the Most Famous Diary.

Here is an Activity Sheet for Winged Wonders: Solving the Monarch Migration Mystery.

For teaching "solutionary stories" with any of my books (or others):

Here is a video of my moving poem, "My Solutionary Super Powers" to introduce kids to the idea that they have the power inside themselves to be solutionaries. (All the words are in both PDFs below!)


Here is a write-up I did on How To Teach a "Solutionary Story" Lesson (my favorite way to share my nonfiction picture books & others with kids!) and the Solutionary SuperKids Coloring & Writing Book PDF I wrote & illustrated (click paper with arrow, top right of PDF viewer, to download):

Virtual School/Class Visits

In this time of global pandemic, I am available for virtual visits with schools and groups. My talks focus on my books & the idea of solutionaries—people & communities helping other people, animals & the planet. I pride myself on making my presentations engaging, interactive & inspiring for the young solutionaries who are our planet's future!

Below are some photos of my school & classroom visits and my 2021 virtual visit flyer (click paper with arrow, top right of PDF viewer, to download):

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For Kidlit Nonfiction Writers

Classes & Articles

I love teaching about writing & publishing children's nonfiction books, and I'm grateful to be able to teach with wonderful organizations like SCBWI and The Writing Barn. Please subscribe to my newsletter below to get word about my upcoming classes!


If you're looking for some insights on my research & writing process, here are some articles/interviews to check out:

If you're looking for a speaker for your SCBWI chapter or other kidlit writing group, these are my current presentation topics (one hour, can be adjusted to your time needs):

Risky Nonfiction: Using Creativity & Courage to Write Nonfiction Picture Books That Sell

In today’s highly competitive trade nonfiction picture book market, how can we write stories that stand out and sell? By getting risky! (In other words: innovative, edgy, brave...) In this craft workshop, author Meeg Pincus shares how she’s gotten risky with her own award-winning trade nonfiction picture books, plus mentor text examples and strategies for risking wisely to write true stories that editors & agents want to acquire. 

(Writing/Craft Workshop, Level: Beginner/Intermediate)


Nonfiction Children's Books 101: The Five W's of Writing & Selling True Stories for Kids

What do you need to know to get started writing & selling nonfiction children's books? This 101 workshop offers an overview of the children's nonfiction market (trade vs. school/library publishers) and how to prepare yourself to jump into it. Former journalist and award-winning author of 26 nonfiction picture books, Meeg Pincus aims to demystify the nonfiction children's book market and submission process, covering the who, what, where, when, why—and how!

(Market/Sub Workshop, Level: Beginner)

Manuscript Critiques & Editing

With my 25 years of background in writing & editing nonfiction, I'm happy to offer critiques & editing services to kidlit nonfiction & informational fiction authors, both pre-published & published.


I take time and care with every critique—my goal is to help you get your story to sub-ready!

My current rate for a comprehensive critique of a nonfiction or informational fiction picture book manuscript—up to 1,200 words (plus up to two pages of back matter and including a second look)—is $195.


This includes an in-depth editorial letter covering story elements (structure, arc, theme, character, etc.) and marketability; in-line comments in Word as needed; and a second look/brief email feedback on your revision. 


If you don't need the second look feedback, my current rate is $150. And I accept payments pre-critique via PayPal, Venmo, or check.


Please contact me for availability and/or if you have other editing needs.